Chinese government has issued “The comprehensive improvement of rural environment in China’s 13th Five Year Plan” and announced the focus should be on treating the rural environment. This “Five Year Plan” put forward that new villages will be established.At 130000 new villages will be established when rural environmental comprehensive treatment completed. By the end of 2020, accumulating more than a third of the total villages will be finished. As the big event in rural environmental treatment, the importance of sewage treatment is without doubt.However, with the increasing hot of the rural sewage treatment market, there are problems remain unclear in details. Such as when to make clear that unclear business model, and how to set reasonable standards for emission, and who is going to regulate, or ask who for the money. At the same time, the comprehensive treatment of municipal solid waste is a big and important problem in rural environment. There were problems with the treatment of municipal solid waste. Such as, imperfect management system, the unreasonable plan, the lag-behind of the public fundamental construction, the lack of investment, technical support are not enough, and lack of long-lasting operational mechanism. People from all over the country are seeking for the efficient rules to handle the rural garbage problem efficiently and reduce the rural environmental pollution.In China, there are still 40% of the villages do not have any garbage collection treatment facilities.There are 40% of livestock and poultry wastes failed to get comprehensively resource utilization or innocuously treatment.The reasonable utilization of regional agricultural waste is also failed to use. The problems about dirty, noise, and disorder are still outstanding in the rural. The problem now facing us is how to handle the rural garbage problem , agricultural waste, livestock and poultry waste efficiently.
     With strong support from the industry’s academics, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs, 2017 Rural Environment Treatment Summit Solid Wastes Forum (or2017 RET for short) will be taking place at the RET summit in Nanjing  July 28 and 29.Themed “search for new road to rural environment”, this conference will have 30 high levels of academic reports and symposiums, 10 VIP negotiation fairs. In the meantime, there are more than 500 people will attend this meeting.We will do the best we can to stage the most forward thinking and the most representative rural environmental treatment summit around the country.

Plenary Session

  • Main Forum July 28th:The industrial policy and market trends of the rural solid wastes.
  • Main Forum July 29th:The industrial policy and focal point of the rural sewage treatment.

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attendance fee 2400 for each contain the meeting fee, Bulletin, lunch, supper coffee break, expert PPT, and cocktail part